90 years of Round Table



90 years of inspiring unity

amongst Tablers all over the world

In 1927 there was a young man who created a vision, who has inspired hundreds of thousands of men around the globe. That man, Louis Marchesi - the founding member of Round Table - created an association that supported young businessmen in Norwich, that started millions of friendships around the world and broadened horizons. Ninety years later the Round Tables come together in 55 countries with 30,000 plus members from Iceland to New Zealand.


On March, 11th 2017 over 1.000 Tablers from India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the Nordic States and from all across Europe came together in Winchester Great Hall, the home of the iconic Round Table Rondel, to celebrate 90 years of Round Table with two enormous events. The Round Table International Vice-president spoke about the unity between Tablers all over the world. It is incredible to think of how far Round Table can reach in bringing excellence to ourselves and to our communities!


We are one world and one table – we always are, always were and always will be 
Tablers stick together, and we have done for the last 90 years and for sure we will for the next 90!